Become One With Nature At Tri-Mountain Estates

custom homes in La Center WAWhat comes to mind when a friend asks your idea of serenity? Do you think about the soothing sounds of a waterfall? Or maybe you daydream about being amongst the timbers deep in the forest. Possibly even, you think about adventures you could take with a lake right at your fingertips…

No matter what thought first enters your mind, we are certain that it is amazing and unique to you. That is the interesting thing about what calms us, isn’t it? That it is so personal that you can probably close your eyes and practically smell or hear whatever it is that brings you joy about nature.

That is our goal when building stunningly beautiful and natural homes in the Tri-Mountain Estates community of custom homes in La Center WA. With Tuscany Homes, these homes are built with the individualized characteristics of what makes you and your family feel right at home. We want to bring that smell of cedar or that sound of burbling water right to your senses.

This is the founding reason of why we love the location of this nature boasting community. Not only can you experience feelings of what you love about nature inside your home, but you can actually go outside and live it within this luxurious gated community.

Inside the gates of Tri-Mountain Estates, you will find a private lake, perfect for all of those adventures you have been dreaming about and walking paths that will help you become one with nature without even getting in your car. Whatever your hobby or sport, this area is sure to exceed those expectations.

Maybe meditation or yoga is your strength… Imagine meditating surrounded by the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. With our custom homes in La Center WA, you can achieve ultimate relaxation with the calming elements that are handpicked by you.

Here are just a few activities that you can enjoy in your brand new luxury home in Tri-Mountain Estates:

  • Fishing, boating, or kayaking on the lake
  • Having a picnic with friends nestled among the trees and with a view of the mountains
  • Swimming or floating in the lake (floating provides sensory deprivation and is very meditative!)
  • Taking your kids for a bike ride
  • Enjoying a perfect sunrise or sunset over the lake
  • Grabbing your paper in the morning and waving a friendly hello to your neighbors
  • Walking and hiking the extensive trails

If this all sounds great and you are looking to invest in a home that can meet your needs of luxury and beauty inside and out, look no further than our custom homes in La Center WA! With one of these amazing havens, you can stop daydreaming about that perfect dream home, and start truly living your ideal life connected with nature.

Contact Tuscany Homes today to discuss your options for designing a home at Tri-Mountain Estates that will be your sanctuary for many years to come.

4 Enticing Reasons to Relocate To Clark County

custom homes in Clark County WAIf you are looking to move to a great area with tons to do, Clark County, Washington may be just the place for you. This beautiful city is often overlooked, but it offers the perfect landscape for your family to set down roots.

Today, we want to discuss some of the reasons why so many people are relocating to and building custom homes in Clark County WA with Tuscany Homes.

  1. Clark County offers outdoor fun for everyone- For those who are looking to connect with nature, living in Clark County will open up a wide range of outdoor activities. From spending the morning meandering a farmer’s market to driving up the Columbia River Gorge to take in some breathtaking views, there is a way for just about everyone to find their nature-niche.
  2. Clark County is very pet-friendly- We know how much Clark County residents love their furry companions, and the area has adapted to meet these needs. If you like taking your pet with you everywhere you go, you’ll love the many dog parks here. You will also find countless hotels and many pet-friendly hiking trails, so you can take your buddy with you on your outdoor adventures.
  3. Clark County offers a ton of family fun activities- Clark County is also a great place for enjoying family fun. Whether you are looking for something a little educational for the kids, or to try your hand at various farm activities such as grinding grain, feeding livestock, and even making rope, you can find it here! Even if you are simply looking for a way to cool down on a hot day, you can saunter over to the Firstenburg Community Center, where the kids can play in the kids’ area, float the lazy river, or enjoy the thrill of the waterslide! No matter what type of family activity you love, we know you won’t be disappointed in Clark County.
  4. Clark County is all about the seasonal events- Clark County Washington also has some amazing seasonal events, below we have listed just a few you will find throughout the year:
  • In October, you can drive out to one of the many local pumpkin patches to find the perfect carving pumpkin, shoot pumpkin catapults, or take a leisurely hayride at Joe’s Place or Bi-Zi Farms
  • In December, all month long you can find a vast array of Christmas lights at the Christmas Ships Parade on the Columbia River
  • In February, you can take your significant other to enjoy a meal full of romance at the Grant House on Officer’s Row
  • In the spring, you’ll come across many local festivals that will get you acquainted with some of the local talent
  • In June, you can take part or just visit and be inspired by the famous Recycled Arts Festival in downtown Vancouver

 At Tuscany Homes we believe that while Clark County is the perfect place to relocate due to its amenities, activities, and culture, it’s livability is founded on the fact that the area is just beaming with natural beauty. It is the perfect landscape for you and your family to flourish. This is why every home that we build is infused with the essence of the great Pacific Northwest.

Every time we drive through the area, we are taken aback and inspired by the tranquility we see around us. We build custom homes in Clark County WA, all while taking cues from nature.

If you are looking to relocate to Clark County, and want a home that matches the vibrancy and beauty of the area, contact us at Tuscany Homes. We want to make sure that everything that led you to fall in love with the idea of living here, rings true in your new dream home.


Behind the Scenes Of A Tuscany Homes Build

home builder in Ridgefield WA

If you were to take a sneak peek behind the scenes of a Tuscany Homes build, you would find an organized and expert team of builders and designers working together to bring dream homes to life.

We are proud to be a premier custom home builder in Ridgefield WA, and take pride in what we can make with the dirt you give us.  On the lot of your choosing, we can create a stunning luxury haven with all of your specific requests and requirements.

In choosing the materials to use in our build, we keep you in mind the entire time, even while picking only the highest quality materials. We hold firm that the quality is in the detail, so we make sure that every detail is stunningly perfect. This is what makes us an industry-leading home builder; we build amazing, beautiful homes from the ground up.

As you continue to meander behind the scenes of one of our builds, we hope you see our team using their skills to make the best of every project. Until the project is done, we are on site every day, ensuring that home to be delivered will be cherished day after day by you and your family.

We take this approach because we are well aware that when you love what you do, and take pride in it, it shows. That is the main reason that when you look through our gallery or check out our job sites, it is easy to see how much we love bringing peoples’ dream homes to life.

Here are a few other reasons why we do what we do:

  • We love meeting our clients and getting a feel for who they are
  • We enjoy the process of infusing their personalities into every decision throughout the build process
  • We feel that the experience of finding out what our clients truly want in their homes provides us with invaluable information on future builds
  • We love infusing our homes with tranquil elements of nature
  • We love watching a beautiful piece of art become a home that families can grow in together

Before we can even begin the build, we learn all about what home means to you so that we can take action behind the scenes and build your wishes directly into the walls of the home. If you were to witness Tuscany Homes working, you would see us taking a blueprint of what you want and transforming it in the way we do best. Through building and through intrinsic design.

Watching us move throughout the job site, you will clearly see us taking to heart what it means to take pride in workmanship and beauty.

We hope that a perusal of our behind the scenes work would open your eyes to what your dream home could be. Our amazing team of home builders in Ridgefield WA is ready to take on your project and make you wonder what life was like before you could come home to your luxury dream home infused with every part of nature that speaks to your soul.

Contact us today! We are certain you will be happy you did!

A Build Process that Sets Us Apart at Ashley Pointe

When we at Tuscany Homes began the planning process of Ashley Pointe, we had a specific idea in mind. We wanted to create an awesome community, where our vision of homes infused with nature and luxury could be met with tranquil and peaceful surroundings. This is why we chose to nestle our fabulous custom homes in Felida WA.

Enter Ashley Pointe. A community strategically placed along the western bluff of Felida. This luxury gated community feels as custom as the 15 estate sites inside. This was the perfect spot for our build because of its expansive trees that surround the property and the eagles that nest nearby that separate this restful retreat from the hustle and bustle of life.

The homes within this lovely neighborhood are created by your Felida custom home builder’s diverse architectural designs, creating both a unique and cohesive community that we are sure you will be proud to call home.

At our premier Ashley Pointe Community, we make sure that we use the highest quality materials in our custom homes. You can tell by a simple meander through our gallery. Our goal throughout our entire build process is to deliver a beautiful and sturdy home from the beams down to the ground.

During the build process, you can rest assured that we are out there every single day making sure that your dream is coming to life. Our attention to detail and dedication to every component is why you chose Tuscany Homes in the first place, and we know that. For this reason, we monitor every second of the process to ensure that your new house in the Ashley Pointe community is a beautiful haven that you can be proud to call your home for many years to come.

As we embark on the journey of designing and building your dream home at Ashley Point, we take the time to ask you what is most important to you. This way when we are building your home, we can connect with it and take pride in it. This helps us love what we do at Tuscany Homes.

A major part of our build process is finding out what connects you with nature. Is it the sound of running water? Is it natural beams that expand the length of your ceiling? Is or is it the subtle and earthy colors of the forest? Or all of the above? No matter what elements bring you closer to nature and make you feel at ease, we are sure we can infuse them into your new dream home.

Our favorite part of the process is talking to our clients and learning about what is most important, so we can build those things into the framework and soul of the home.

When you build your home with us, we can make your dreams a reality.

If you’re ready to come home to Ashley Pointe, contact your trusted home builder in Felida Washington today. We can’t wait to get started!



Tri-Mountain Estates has the Perfect Neighborhood Feel

custom homes La Center WAIf you have been searching for that perfect place to call home to no avail, look no further than Tri-Mountain Estates for your new custom home in La Center WA! This neighborhood is one of our newest and most luxurious custom home communities. The effort put into these homes meets high demands and upscale tastes. We are certain you and your family will simply love calling one of them home.

Not only will your custom home built by Tuscany Homes be the highlight of your day, you will love everything about your new neighborhood.

Every lot within the Tri-Mountain Estates community is a full acre of land, leaving you the space to feel like you have escaped the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether your plans include a fence for your dog, play equipment for your children, an amazing new garden including everything from tomatoes to peppers, or all of the above, your large yard can be anything you want it to be.

Custom Homes in La Center WA

You can enhance your connection to nature by enjoying easy access to the private lake located right in the neighborhood. Imagine getting back into whatever hobby you have been letting slide over the years, from fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming, or simply floating around on a giant inner-tube. Our fishing residents are especially excited about the official sized bass that call this pristine lake home.

You see… When we first envisioned Tri-Mountain Estates, we wanted to build a community that could be everything for anyone. A place that provides a connection to nature from the inside out, a place where you could wander the grounds and explore a naturally beautiful landscape, and a place you can do so in safety and security. That way the only person you have to feel the pressure to be when you are at home, is yourself.

home builder in Felida WA introduces Tri-Mountain Estates

We are able to provide you this sense of security because our Tri-Mountain Estates community is securely gated, meaning that you and your family can feel comfortable and safe in the stunningly beautiful place you call home.

We are sure that when you pair our expertise and dedication to providing you the perfect sanctuary with the crazy-gorgeous grounds of Tri-Mountain Estates, you will end up with the home of your dreams. As your trusted home builder, we take the time to make sure that each and every one of our homes has the strongest bones, the highest quality materials, and only the finest finishing touches that are infused with the elements of nature.

To see our quality for yourself, check out our gallery, we take great pride in showing off our past pieces of art. If you love them and want your very own custom home in La Center WA that is a little piece of luxury, get ready to come home to Tri-Mountain Estates! We still have lots available, but they won’t last long! Contact us today to learn more!

A Custom Luxury Dream Home for Your Hand Selected Property

home builder Clark County WANature. It’s not just a word, it’s a feeling. At Tuscany Homes, we believe that this feeling alone is the key to being at peace in your home. This is why we infuse every home with natural elements that will let you forget once in a while that you are inside walls. We want to invoke this feeling every day, so even though your brain knows it’s just a faucet, maybe your heart is reminded of a tranquil waterfall.

Ok, we know this sounds just a bit corny, and we are fine with that! We believe that it’s 100% ok to be this passionate about what we do… Especially when that thing we do is create everlasting homes for families, bringing them to life through wonderful memories and years of laughter.

So, if you have already invested in a stunning piece of property and are looking to place a beautiful and unique home on it, look no further than Tuscany Homes, your custom home builder in Clark County WA! It is our mission to deliver you a custom oasis that not only fits your personality but connects you with the soothing hum of nature!

We may be a bit overly excited to design your new luxurious home that’s bursting with elements that meet your family’s needs, but it’s for good reason…

You took your time searching for a property that speaks to your soul. You probably looked at a dozen lots before you hand-picked the perfect place to put your dream home. You likely daydreamed about your family growing there together and thought about what it would be like to mow that grass. You used your attention to detail, vision, and knowledge of what your family needs in a dream home to make this large decision.

This is the exact kind of dedication and vision we utilize when we help you and your family set your plans in motion.

Your expert custom home builders in Clark County WA know that constructing a dream home is more than just throwing up beams, more than laying concrete, and much more than simply studs… This is your home… a place where you will put your babies to bed and a place where they will play and grow! This is a place where your family can come together for years to come and a place where you can reminisce about the wonderful times you’ve had there. You already have the canvas and we will provide the rest.

Your home is a place where you will begin your story… Let us be the ones to help you start it!

Contact us today and tell us all about your plans for your picture perfect property!

Are You Considering Relocating To Clark County in Southwest Washington?

custom homes in Clark County WASouthwest Washington, in the beautiful and renowned Pacific Northwest, has seen rapid population growth for many years. According to The Columbian, the main newspaper in the region, Clark County in Southwest Washington is the third-fastest-growing county in the state. This is mainly due to job growth and low unemployment rates in the area.

With so many people recognizing all that Clark County has to offer, many families considering relocation might be taking a closer look at our home. Tuscany Homes is a locally owned and operated luxury custom home builder for Clark County. So whether you’re coming here from Oregon, California, or beyond, if you’re looking to work with one of the top custom home builders in the area, you’ll want to do some research on Tuscany Homes.

We’re known for keeping a close eye on all the moving parts and paying close attention to all the details. Take a look through our online gallery page and you’re sure to love what you see.

Why should you consider moving to Clark County?

Located about an hour and a half from the Pacific Ocean, a day trip to the beach is wholly within the realm of possibility on a warm summer day should you feel the desire to put your toes in the sand. And, in the other direction, an hour’s drive can land you amid some of the greatest snow parks around on Mount Hood. Snowboarding and skiing are popular winter recreational activities!

We’re right across the mighty Columbia River from Portland Oregon, one of the most popular and well-known cities on the West Coast. Portland is known for being colorful and quirky and definitely has much to offer those visiting or moving into the neighborhood. Clark County would be a great option for somebody wanting close proximity to a nice metropolitan area but with a more relaxed home environment and the natural beauty of the countryside.

Speaking of the Columbia River, Clark County sits proudly at the mouth of the Columbia River Gorge which is truly nature’s playground for those who fancy themselves as outdoor enthusiasts. The gorge offers year-round hiking, trail-running, kayaking and paddle boarding with a backdrop of gorgeous waterfalls, wild flowers, and evergreen forests. We’ve also got any number of water sports available, from sailing to kite surfing.

Clark County is within quick driving distance to all of these different forms of entertainment.

Just imagine the joy of coming home to a luxury Tuscany Homes custom home after a long day of fun in the great outdoors. Sink into the comfort of your favorite armchair in front of the fire and enjoy a good book as the day melts into the evening, or maybe light a few candles and soak in your jacuzzi tub in your luxurious master bathroom suite. If you let yourself really daydream about what would make home be your true oasis, take a moment and write a few notes so that nothing gets forgotten in your consultation with Tuscany Homes. After all, whatever your dream may be, we can make it happen. We specialize in truly custom homes, the epitome of luxury.

A View From Behind The Scenes

home builder Longview WATuscany Homes is a premier custom home builder for Clark and Cowlitz Counties, including the Kelso-Longview area of Southwest Washington. You give us the dirt, the land to build on, and we’ll create a stunning luxury custom home built to your specific desires.

We use all the highest quality materials in our custom homes. We’re an industry-leading home builder and, if you take a look through our gallery, it is easy to see why. We build amazing, beautiful homes from the ground up.

Behind the scenes, you’ll likely spy Ward Toivonen supervising every aspect of bringing your home to life. Ward is known for having a great eye for detail and bringing out the very best in his crew. We’re out there, every day, to make sure that we deliver a beautiful product that you’ll love and cherish for years to come.

When you take pride in what you do, and you love what you do, it shows. That’s the case with Tuscany Homes. We love what we do. We love bringing peoples’ dream homes to life. We love talking to our clients to learn as much about their personalities and what home means to them so that we can literally build those things into the framework of the home. We can make those things become an integral part of the structure of the building, and that makes our clients happy.

If you’re ready to come home to a Tuscany Homes custom built home in Longview Washington, contact us today. We’d love to meet you!