Longview Washington Loves Homes Made for Entertaining

home builder Longview WAHomeowners in Longview Washington love homes made for partying and they’re loving their homes built by Tuscany Homes. Tuscany Homes is a custom home builder for the Longview area known for building top quality houses that invite socialization.

We like to say that we build homes made for entertaining.

We specialize in custom homes that our clients love. They love them because they are involved in every step of the design process. If you work with Tuscany Homes to bring your dream home to life, you’ll work closely with our team and be involved every step of the way so that you can literally watch your dream home come to life before your eyes.

Beauty. We focus on beauty and integrate large open floor plans and elements of natural beauty to create spaces where people want to linger.

Take a look through our gallery and you’ll see homes overflowing with a sense of peace and relaxation. You’ll see exposed timber beams, large windows to let in natural light and afford a view of the great outdoors. You’ll see lovely granite counter tops and customization in every detail. Most of all, you’ll see amazing homes and, likely, you’ll want that for your family.

Contact us today at Tuscany Homes if you want to work with one of Longview Washington’s premier luxury custom home builders!

Building Stunning Custom Homes in Brush Prairie

home builder Brush Prairie WABrush Prairie Washington is home to some amazing custom homes being built by luxury builders at Tuscany Homes. Tuscany Homes is an area favorite in the custom home market because we put our heart and soul into every home that we create.

When you work with Tuscany Homes, you’ll be relieved by the ease of the process. We love what we do and we’re really good at it! Just point us in the right direction and we’ll get to work prepping the land to build a stunning custom home for your family.

We take pride in the customization process. We design each house with the help of the owner so that we can truly infuse the home with a sense of the people that will be living in it.

Custom Means Custom

We hold in-depth conversations with our clients so that we can really get a feel for what a dream home is to them. Do you want a big open floor plan? Are you six and a half feet tall and want extra tall ceilings throughout to feel at ease?

Chances are that you love the natural feel of the Pacific Northwest. We are experienced in bringing the wonderful elements of nature indoors to promote peace and a feeling of serenity.

So if you’re looking for the perfect custom home builder for your Brush Prairie Washington land, contact us today at Tuscany Homes. We would love to work with you to bring you the home of your dreams!

Clark County Washington is Home People Who Love to Entertain

custom home builder Clark County WAClark County, in southwest Washington, is a great community, a growing community, full of kind and generous people that love to be social. We love to entertain friends and enjoy each others’ company. And, when you’ve got a luxury custom home built by Tuscany Homes, there’s no better place to hang out with your friends than right at home!

Here at Tuscany Homes, we specialize in building custom homes in Clark County that are as luxurious as they are sturdy and comfortable: they’re made for entertaining!

Whether you’re a Clark County native or new to the area, there’s no doubt that you recognize the natural beauty that surrounds us here in the Pacific Northwest. This is one of the key elements that we use to bring life to our custom homes: we infuse the homes with all the best elements of nature so that you’ll love coming home to be surrounded by the beauty of exposed timber beams, classic hardwood floors, beautiful granite counter tops, and among all your friends as they enjoy cheese and wine and great conversation.

Imagine owning such a beautiful home. Imagine the love and laughter filling the open spaces as you host a holiday party. You can have all that with Tuscany Homes. Contact us today to share the details that will make your luxury custom house come alive as your home.

Behind The Scenes On A Tuscany Homes Build in Clark County WA

This week we want to show you a behind the scenes look at a Tuscany Homes custom home build project. We have some photos to share after spending some time with Ward Toivonen, the General Manager for Tuscany Homes, who was onsite working in Clark County Washington.

“A quiet man with a big heart, Ward believes in treating people well. He’s a leader who sees details, from the initial structural plans all the way through to the final nail, and works every day to make sure his team is paying attention to them as well.  He’s been building custom homes and logging for more than 20 years, so he knows what it means to take an idea and bring it to fruition.”

Watching him move through the job site, it’s clear that Ward knows what he’s doing and takes pride in doing a great job. We could see the attention to detail put into every step of the process.

It really opened our eyes to the fact that we’re lucky to be a part of this amazing team of builders here at Tuscany Homes in Clark County. We may take it for granted some days, because we’re surrounded by it day in and day out, but our buyers never cease to be amazed when they’re presented with their amazing custom home built with love.

Contact us today at Tuscany Homes if you’d like your luxury custom home to be built by our amazing team in Clark County Washington!

Kelso Washington: A Great City for A Great Custom Home

custom home builder Kelso WAAre you looking for the perfect city to establish as home base? Are you ready to move on having a beautiful and luxurious custom home built for your family? Consider looking into Tuscany Homes, a local favorite in custom home builders for Kelso Washington.

Kelso Washington is an amazing city offering majestic views of the Cowlitz River and the mighty Columbia River. Find property on the hill and you can have the view and a nice spot for a luxury custom home by Tuscany Homes. Plus, if you find the right spot, you can see the Southwest Washington Regional Airport which has hangars available to house your private plane. The airport in Kelso has 24-hour keycard access and fueling system along with a certified-FBO mechanic on site.

In Kelso, you can have a great plot of land in a fantastic location and with amazing local amenities. So, what might you expect from a Tuscany Homes custom home? Well, we’re a stand out locally owned company that specializes in unique, fully customized, luxury custom homes. We listen to our customers and build their wishes into their dream homes. We can infuse all the best qualities of the Pacific Northwest into our stunning homes. Just take a look through our gallery to see what we’re talking about.

If you’re ready for a conversation about building your customized dream home from the ground up in Kelso Washington, contact us today at Tuscany Homes.

Northern Clark County WA is Home to Lovely Tri-Mountain Estates

home builder Clark County WAFor those of you out there that are considering a move to Southwest Washington, we would like to introduce an upcoming luxurious custom home community in the northern reaches of Clark County Washington: Tri-Mountain Estates. This upscale community offers one acre lots with fabulous custom homes built by Tuscany Homes.

Tuscany Homes is a locally owned and operated custom home builder for Clark County. Ron Veach, owner of Tuscany Homes, was born and raised here in Clark County and has a deep love for the Pacific Northwest and lots of ‘home town pride’. Ron started Tuscany Homes because he wanted to build homes that lived and breathed like the Pacific Northwest. He’s fulfilled that vision with every custom home built from the ground up at Tri-Mountain Estates.

The homes are built with a solid foundation that will last for years to come. It’s not uncommon for these homes to become heirloom homes that can be passed from generation to generation. They’re built right, from the start, with the best materials available.

But not only are they built to last, they’re stunningly gorgeous inside and out! Tuscany Homes really takes the time to listen to their clients and bring their dreams to life within a home. Click here to visit our About Us page and read how each member of the Tuscany Homes team strives to make working with us a dream come true.

So if you’re ready for a luxury custom home in Clark County Washington, contact us today at Tuscany Homes and ask for information on Tri-Mountain Estates in La Center WA.

Clark County’s Luxury Custom Home Builder: Tuscany Homes

Home builder Clark County WAHere in Clark County, as anywhere in the Pacific Northwest where we see so much rainfall, you’ll want your home to have a good solid foundation that will keep your home structurally sound for years to come. Working with Tuscany Homes, a Clark County luxury custom home builder, you’ll have a home with good bones… and so much more!

You see, Tuscany Homes creates homes that are built from the ground up as a true work of art. Looking through our photo gallery is like stepping foot into a dream world. You’ll see the clear attention to detail that lifts us into a class of home builders like no other. Beautiful and artfully exposed timber beams, accent walls, granite counter tops and stonework fireplaces- all of these things come together to create a luxury custom home you’ll be proud to show off to your friends.

And underneath all that, you’ve got the sturdy craftsmanship that will have the home standing proud for generations to come. You can count on it.

Wouldn’t you like to come home every night to a luxurious custom home built by Tuscany Homes? Don’t deny it, you know you want to! The peace and serenity of a custom space, specially designed with you in mind with a singular purpose to give you tranquility. Imagine how that would feel to know that awaits you at the end of a long day?

Contact us today at Tuscany Homes and let us build you your dream home in Clark County Washington.

Tri-Mountain Estates in La Center Exhibits All The Details

Bathroom home builder La Center WA

Tri-Mountain Estates is an up and coming luxury custom home community in La Center Washington. If you could take a drive through the neighborhood, you would quickly see that all of the beautiful homes are rich with luxurious details.

Tuscany Homes is the locally preferred custom home builder for La Center’s Tri-Mountain Estates community, and, like a drive through the neighborhood, taking a glance through our photo gallery will show you just how we have an eye for all the details.

Bathroom in Custom Homes La Center WA

Every home that we build is custom built to our client’s specific requests. We would love to sit down with you and have an in-depth conversation about what details would help bring your dream home to life. Do you want a stonework fireplace to gather around in the evenings? Great! Done. Would you like a wall of windows to take advantage of a stunning view and to show off your beautiful exposed timber beams in the interior? Who wouldn’t!? We can do that for you. Maybe the master bathroom’s over-sized jacuzzi tub with waterfall spigot is what you need to really relax at the end of the day? Consider it done.

The point is that we really listen to our clients. We pluck the details of their dream home from the conversation and turn it into their new reality. Tri-Mountain Estates is an upscale community ready to welcome you home to luxury living in La Center WA. Are you ready to step through that doorway? Contact us today at Tuscany Homes!

Ready to Entertain in Your New Luxury Custom Home? Yes, You Are!

custom home Felida WAFelida Washington is a swanky, upscale, and highly social part of Vancouver WA. Are you looking for just such a place to call home? If so, contact us today at Tuscany Homes. We’re a preferred builder for Felida Washington and offer our clients top-of-the-line luxurious custom homes. Want to see just what we’re talking about? Take a look through our photo gallery.

Specializing in homes built with entertaining guests in mind, we’re positive that you’ll love your custom built and personalized luxury home. We bring all of the best elements of nature indoors and infuse them into our homes so that you can enjoy the benefits of being closer to nature every single day of the year.

Beyond that, we place a good deal of emphasis on creating spaces that welcome friends and family. You will have a home truly made for entertaining. With large open spaces that invite a gathering crowd and cozy nooks and crannies to welcome an intimate conversation, you’ll love every room of your new custom home.

You see, at Tuscany Homes, we’re all about letting our artsy side express itself in the beautiful woodwork, exposed timber beams, fully customized kitchen spaces, and gorgeously stunning great room fireplace. It all comes together to create a masterfully serene home that you’re going to love showing off to your friends. Ready to get started on the design for your new custom home in Felida WA? Contact us today at Tuscany Homes!

Beautiful and Sturdy Custom Homes in La Center WA

home builder La Center WALa Center Washington is home to some of the region’s most beautiful landscapes. Now, with Tuscany Homes, you can work with a top notch team to have the custom home of your dreams built on your land. We can bring to life for you a home that you’ll love for years to come!

Tuscany Homes is a preferred custom home builder for the La Center Washington area. We’re full of northwest pride and our love for the land here flows through our every vein. We take all the best elements of nature and infuse them into our custom built homes.

Our team will work closely with you to get a real feel for what you’d like in your custom design. Working with your design ideas, and growing them and allowing them to flourish with a mix of our experience and custom flair, we deliver top quality homes that uniquely hold the client’s personality and zest.

From the hand laid tile floors to the tip top of the eaves, and everything in between, we promise that you’ll love your Tuscany Homes luxury custom home.

We build homes made for entertaining and you’ll love to show off your new home to friends and family. Contact us today if you’d like to discuss options for building your unique custom home in La Center Washington.