Custom Homes

The right approach

When we approach our craft, perspective and experience leads the way but our vision allows us to create something new for each client.

Custom is our tradition

Our craftsmen understand that breakfast on the patio should always be comfortable — no matter the weather. That the showerhead needs to be at just the right angle and force. That home means a soft place to land, a safe holding for all the people you love. Our experience, paired with your vision, is what carries us through the design, layout, and hand-picked materials that all go in to making your home just as unique as you are. When you think of custom home builders in Vancouver WA, think Tuscany Homes!


Where You Eat

We know that where you eat is where you share meals. We believe in making this space comfortable, so meal time grows relationships, whether with family or friends.


Where You Rest

Where you rest and recharge should be rich with thoughtfulness. We infuse elements of nature, texture, and soft lighting to make sure you wake refreshed.


Where You Relax

There's nothing like sinking into a comfortable chair by the fireplace to watch tv, enjoy the sunset, or laugh with friends. We make sure that things are built with your comfort in mind.


Tuscany Homes Veach Residence

Arrow Timber Framing

Tuscany Homes is proud to partner with Arrow Timber Framing on many of our stunning custom home projects. Using Arrow's Hybrid Timber Framing, we benefit from the warm experience of exposed timber beam construction without the inflexibility associated with full timber framing methods. 

The hybrid post and beam construction methods utilized by Arrow Timber Framing increase the value of your investment and produce stunning results that are an expression of your unique vision.