The Extra Special Details From Tuscany Homes

At Tuscany Homes, we are your premier luxury custom home builder in Clark County WA who understands how important the details are. Those details are behind what truly makes your house… a home!

To create that special spark, we take immense pride when building your home. We show this by using only the highest quality materials and never cutting corners. We know exactly what special touches to add to make your new home special.

How exactly do we use our expert craftsmanship to add those extra special details to your brand new home?  

You may see that spark in your beautiful countertops, or in your stunning exposed timber beams in your living room. Or maybe you see it when your custom tiled backsplash catches your eye! Either way, at Tuscany Homes, we know that those little additions are what make you smile every single day.

Here are a few more ways we may add those little details that help you love your home inside and out:

  • Beautiful floors that come in a variety of materials and colors
  • Natural elements throughout that make you feel like you are living in a tranquil forest
  • Beautiful patios and decks that bring the outdoors in
  • Gorgeous master suites, complete with soaking tubs and waterfall showers
  • Stunning front steps that invite your guests inside
  • Outdoor touches that make your home stand out
  • So many extras you can add to create a space unique to YOU

One of our most favorite details to showcase in our custom homes are exposed wood. This element creates a certain dynamic within a space that is inviting and unique.

Once you see your custom built home, you will be able to see what we mean! Your new custom home creates a living experience, not just a place to rest your head.

When you purchase a home from us, you can rest easy knowing that it’s a solid investment. You are jumping all-in to a great life full of the best memories for your family. We know exactly what you need and what is important to you. These elements are what will make you proud to call this place your home.

When we take on your project, we know that we are bringing your dreams of a luxury custom home to life, and we take great pride in this! When planning and designing our builds, our priority is the people who are setting down roots there.

Your home from us is built to last a lifetime so that if it is meant to be your forever home, it can be!

Contact us today if you are in the market to purchase or design a home with our expert home builders in Clark County WA! We always focus on the details that are most important to you, so you can focus on what’s most important… your family! We are a leading custom home builder who is dedicated to constantly producing homes with details that reflect that extra special essence of pride and quality.