Tri-Mountain Estates Offers A Community That is Ahead of Its Time

Tri-Mountain Estates Offers a Community that is Ahead of its timeWhen it came to designing the stunning Tri-Mountain Estates in La Center WA, we wanted a community that was ahead of its time.

What do we mean by that?

We wanted to create an environment that was more than just a place where people reside… We wanted a place where people could live life to the fullest.

This is because, at Tuscany Homes, we believe that your home shouldn’t just be a structure… It should be a place where you can have adventures, make lifelong friends, and enjoy every minute; just as you would if your home were a vacation.

So, how is this community any different from others in the area? Well the first thing we are sure of is that at Tri-Mountain Estates, there is something for everyone.

Here are just a few perks that make this neighborhood of custom homes in La Center WA stand out from all the rest:

  • Multiple walking paths for those who love getting in that morning work-out or evening stroll
  • A lake for all of your favorite recreational activities; from fishing to kayaking, you can do it all just steps from your door
  • A gated community that will harbor a sense of security, so you can relax and enjoy yourself
  • Tennis courts to help you master your skill
  • A community of wonderful neighbors that are all looking for that true living experience, just like you

Tri-Mountain Estates Offers a Community that is Ahead of its timeSo if you have been searching and searching for that perfect home to call your own, you have found it. This community is not just a fun place to live, it is also one of the most luxurious custom home communities you will find. Your professional builders from Tuscany Homes work hard to create feelings of nature and elegance to help you feel like your home is so much more.

Your new home in Tri-Mountain Estates is specially designed to meet high standards and high tastes because these homes are truly one of a kind… each and every one of them.

We know without a doubt that you will fall in love with your luxury custom home every single day. We know this because these homes in this wonderful community are meant to be ahead of their time. Most neighborhoods today are simply not built like this, they aren’t designed to meet all of your needs, they are simply designed to shove as many homes as possible into a small space of land.

Not at Tri-Mountain Estates…

Tri-Mountain Estates Offers a Community that is Ahead of its timeHere you will find expansive one acre lots so you can spread out and enjoy having a bit of space yourself, the exact perfect distance away from your neighbors. It’s the perfect mix of being able to make great new friends in your community, while also having the level of privacy you would expect from your new luxury home.

Your experience living at Tri-Mountain Estates will be an amazing one. You will be able to see it by simply perusing the grounds. Each and every home within this absolutely gorgeous neighborhood could be a great dream home for you, but only you can know which one!

Feel free to check out our gallery, to see what all the fuss is about. If you find yourself dreaming about living in this community of custom homes in La Center WA, contact us today! We know you will love living here.

5 Tempting Reasons to Pack Your Bags and Move to Clark County

Custom homes in Clark County WAClark County is a great place to raise a family. We aren’t just saying that because we are biased (ok maybe a little), but it really is a beautiful city that is often overlooked because of all the other great places to set down roots in the Pacific Northwest.

There are so many things that have led us to fall in love with this magnificent area, and today we wanted to touch the surface to convince you to take the plunge, because as your local home builder, we deliver beautiful custom homes in Clark County WA and we feel that the more truly is the merrier!

Here are 5 tempting reasons to pack up and move your family to this beautiful area:

  1. Regardless of your activity level, Clark County is an outdoor paradise:

Living here opens the door to a plethora of exciting outdoor activities, such as:

  • Farmers markets
  • Wineries
  • Hiking trails
  • The Columbia River Gorge
  • Beautiful roads for a relaxing drive
  • Parks
  • Outdoor concerts and amphitheaters
  • The Oregon Zoo
  • Biking paths
  • And so much more!
  1. Your pet is part of the family, and very welcome in Clark County:

Custom Homes Clark County WA

Maybe you like bringing your pet with you on all of your adventures, or maybe you simply want to take them on a great walk in a beautiful place… Either way, Clark County is the place to be! From dog parks to dog-friendly businesses, you can be sure that your pet will be greeted with smiles around town!

  1. Family fun is at its best in Clark County:

Are you just looking for the perfect place to raise your family? A place with lots of activities for the kids or a place you can make some lifelong family friends. If this is what you had in mind, you already sound like a resident! Clark County is the perfect place to bond with your children. You can take them fishing, head to the coast for the day (or a week), or cook up a tasty meal with all of the local fair you found at the farmers market!

  1. The beauty in Clark County is unparalleled:

We definitely might be biased here, but this area is not only the perfect place to set down roots, the roots here are pretty darn beautiful! From the gorgeous Pacific coast to the stunning mountainous views, you get the best of both worlds here! Not only will your family and friends love visiting you, you will love that this outrageous natural beauty is a part of your daily life!

  1. The convenience of living in Clark County is impeccable:

Custom Homes Clark County WAWant to spend the day in a bustling city? Want to chill out on the beach?  Or maybe you want to hit up all of the great tourist spots?

Get the best of many worlds here by being able to take part in just about any lifestyle, but still getting to come back to the place you call home!

Portland, Seattle, and the coast are all a short drive away, so you can leave in the morning, and still be back by dinner!

So now you have heard just some of the reasons why we love this area! We deliver custom homes in Clark County to our residents, and we could go on and on all day!

We would love to hear a few of your reasons why Clark County is the perfect place to raise a family! Contact Tuscany Homes today to get started on that perfect family home.

It’s Spring Time at Tri-Mountain Estates

Custom Homes La Center WA

Spring is here at Tri-Mountain Estates and we are so glad! Don’t get us wrong, the winter was full of so many fun activities, but as the warmth fills the air and everything starts to grow, we cannot help but start to think about all of the fun to be had at one of our newest communities of custom homes in La Center Washington.

Tri-Mountain Estates is a luxury community nestled in northern Clark County and is being built by your favorite custom home builders at Tuscany Homes.

This stunning community offers its inhabitants an abundance of amenities that are best enjoyed as the weather heats up.

Not only does this amazing community offer top of the line, quality built homes, but those who live here can regularly enjoy a stunning lake view, a walkway that showcases the stunning beauty of Mother Nature, and a tennis court for easy exercise and entertainment. It might sound too good to be true, but it doesn’t stop there.

Your Tri-Mountain Estates community is located on the water. If you decide to make this waterfront community your home, you will have unlimited access the Tsugawa Brothers Reservoir for fishing, swimming, and recreation galore.

We don’t know about you, but we love the calm and rejuvenating feeling of living right near the water, amongst true nature. Whether you live a stressful life and are looking for an escape or are ready to slow the hustle and bustle of your life down completely, the peace and tranquility of Tri-Mountain Estates can help you accomplish just that. An evening stroll while listening to the crickets chirping complete with watching the perfect sunset might be just the activity to relax you after a long day.

You might not know it, but Tuscany Homes is one of the finest home builders in all of Clark County Washington and we are constantly looking for ways to show off our craft. If you have upscale taste, we are ready to take on any plan you can dream up and will make sure we impress you every step of the way with our top-quality work. We take pride in our reputation as quality home builders who create homes that are one of a kind with a sanctuary feel.

So do some real soul searching! Are you looking for a luxury custom home that will match your desire for a retreat that will truly grow with you over the years?

If your answer is yes, now may be the time to make the jump into a life that you can enjoy year-round at Tri-Mountain Estates. With Tuscany Homes as your partner in this process, you can rest assured that attention will be on all the details that make these homes truly represent the pinnacle of luxury.

When you are ready to relax in your perfect custom home in La Center WA, contact us! Your Tuscany Homes home builder will take the time to bring all your dreams to life to give you your own little piece of paradise all wrapped up in a stunning lake-view home.

8 Tempting Reasons to go Custom With Tuscany Homes

home builder Felida WAWhen you choose to go custom with Tuscany Homes, you will be able to take advantage of a variety of benefits ranging from access to a design perspective, all the way to having your needs met on a personal level.

As your custom home builder in Felida WA, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, as well as in being a full-service builder. This holistic approach allows us to create a top quality product that you can enjoy for years to come and is exactly why you should consider partnering with us for your next dream home.

Here are a few more reasons why you will enjoy working with us:

  1. You get to deal directly with your builder from start to finish

At Tuscany Homes, we take every opportunity to give that personal touch to your home building process. You are not just a job number in our system, you are a valued customer whose mission we have invested our efforts in fully.

  1. We offer custom design to suit your exact needs, personality, and style

We work with many local companies to get you the best of the best when it comes to quality of materials. We love the opportunity to work closely with you to design a home specific to your needs. We do this instead of limiting your choices and pushing you into standard project builder plans that simply do not suit you.

  1. We are not afraid of 100% custom

Whether you already have an exact layout in mind, or you need us to help you dream it up, custom is something that we enjoy. In many cases, truly custom homes give us the opportunity to learn new ways to express our craft.

  1. We promise homes of the highest quality, from the bones to the beams

Only the best materials go into our luxury custom homes so that you can rest easy knowing that your beautiful home is built with a solid foundation.

  1. We offer fast response times and stay in constant contact

If something happens on the build that needs to be addressed, we can act quickly to resolve the issue. You can be sure that during your build process, your home is at the top of our list!

  1. We offer a flexible approach to modifications and variations throughout the build process

We totally understand that it is human nature to change your mind. Since Tuscany Homes is a custom home builder, we do not limit ourselves to a set of project rules or get annoyed when our clients make changes. Our only goal is that you love your new home!

  1. We work to ensure that your home is completed on or before specified timeframes

We understand that your life is basically on hold while we are building and you are excited to move into your home as soon as possible. For this reason, we make it our priority to stay within our estimated timeframe as much as possible.

  1. We take customer service very seriously

For Tuscany Homes, our business is all about relationships. We want all of our clients to feel like family and we treat them as such.

So if you are looking for a builder that will pull out all the stops while designing your dream home, look no further than your leading home builder in Felida WA! Contact us today to discuss all of the ideas you have, we are waiting for your call.

Behind the Scenes at Tuscany Homes Luxury Home Builder

Tuscany Homes | Luxury Custom Home Builder Ridgefield WACome take a walk with me around the site of a future masterpiece. The masterpiece we’re visiting? The home you’ve always imagined for your family. The familiar sights, smells and sounds of a construction zone are all around, the unmistakable smell of fresh-cut timber, and the rhythmic authority of a pounding hammer are all part and parcel of a home build- what makes Tuscany Homes build sites uniquely different is our close attention to detail, our use of undeniably high-quality materials, and our well-organized staff and work site.

All around a Tuscany Homes construction site, you will find details being tended to, no detail is too small when you are working with Ridgefield Washington’s premier custom home builder.

Our attention to detail is unparalleled from start to finish. Our builders understand how to make a space comfortable, livable and uniquely you. They know the time and attention needed for each phase of construction and pour passion and detail into every masterpiece home. Tuscany Homes will tend to each detail of your home with such care, you might think they are building their own! 

Hand selected materials of the highest quality are what you can expect when Tuscany Homes is at the helm of your project. As we take a turn around the site of your new home we listen to your deepest desires and your wildest dreams, then put our team to work to find the materials to make your dream a reality.

Because custom is our tradition we take deep pride in finding custom, high-quality materials to make your new home uncommonly beautiful. Please take some time to peruse our photo gallery for inspiration.

Having an organized construction site doesn’t always seem glamorous, but it is a cornerstone of Tuscany Homes’ custom home projects. We take pride in a well-organized work site and staff. The emphasis we place on organization keeps our projects running clean and efficiently.

When our team runs like a well-oiled machine, your home build becomes a breeze. You took time to select the perfect location for your custom home, we honor that time by making sure our construction is as clean and organized as possible.  When you visit your home while it is in progress, you’ll see the difference Tuscany Homes brings to every project from start to finish. You won’t be disappointed.

Looking behind the scenes of construction can be daunting, there are many working, always-moving parts. What you’ll see when you look behind the scenes of a Tuscany Homes build, is all those working, moving parts harmonizing together. When you look behind the curtain of a Tuscany Homes build, you will get a peek as to exactly why Tuscany Homes is the go-to luxury home builder in Ridgefield WA. Our concentrated focus on details, incredibly high standard for materials and our well-organized team are all just part of the blueprint on a custom built Tuscany Homes home.

Check out what other people are saying about Tuscany Homes! From concept to keys we will exceed all your expectations.

Welcome home.



Become One With Nature At Tri-Mountain Estates

custom homes in La Center WAWhat comes to mind when a friend asks your idea of serenity? Do you think about the soothing sounds of a waterfall? Or maybe you daydream about being amongst the timbers deep in the forest. Possibly even, you think about adventures you could take with a lake right at your fingertips…

No matter what thought first enters your mind, we are certain that it is amazing and unique to you. That is the interesting thing about what calms us, isn’t it? That it is so personal that you can probably close your eyes and practically smell or hear whatever it is that brings you joy about nature.

That is our goal when building stunningly beautiful and natural homes in the Tri-Mountain Estates community of custom homes in La Center WA. With Tuscany Homes, these homes are built with the individualized characteristics of what makes you and your family feel right at home. We want to bring that smell of cedar or that sound of burbling water right to your senses.

This is the founding reason of why we love the location of this nature boasting community. Not only can you experience feelings of what you love about nature inside your home, but you can actually go outside and live it within this luxurious gated community.

Inside the gates of Tri-Mountain Estates, you will find a private lake, perfect for all of those adventures you have been dreaming about and walking paths that will help you become one with nature without even getting in your car. Whatever your hobby or sport, this area is sure to exceed those expectations.

Maybe meditation or yoga is your strength… Imagine meditating surrounded by the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. With our custom homes in La Center WA, you can achieve ultimate relaxation with the calming elements that are handpicked by you.

Here are just a few activities that you can enjoy in your brand new luxury home in Tri-Mountain Estates:

  • Fishing, boating, or kayaking on the lake
  • Having a picnic with friends nestled among the trees and with a view of the mountains
  • Swimming or floating in the lake (floating provides sensory deprivation and is very meditative!)
  • Taking your kids for a bike ride
  • Enjoying a perfect sunrise or sunset over the lake
  • Grabbing your paper in the morning and waving a friendly hello to your neighbors
  • Walking and hiking the extensive trails

If this all sounds great and you are looking to invest in a home that can meet your needs of luxury and beauty inside and out, look no further than our custom homes in La Center WA! With one of these amazing havens, you can stop daydreaming about that perfect dream home, and start truly living your ideal life connected with nature.

Contact Tuscany Homes today to discuss your options for designing a home at Tri-Mountain Estates that will be your sanctuary for many years to come.

Behind the Scenes Of A Tuscany Homes Build

home builder in Ridgefield WA

If you were to take a sneak peek behind the scenes of a Tuscany Homes build, you would find an organized and expert team of builders and designers working together to bring dream homes to life.

We are proud to be a premier custom home builder in Ridgefield WA, and take pride in what we can make with the dirt you give us.  On the lot of your choosing, we can create a stunning luxury haven with all of your specific requests and requirements.

In choosing the materials to use in our build, we keep you in mind the entire time, even while picking only the highest quality materials. We hold firm that the quality is in the detail, so we make sure that every detail is stunningly perfect. This is what makes us an industry-leading home builder; we build amazing, beautiful homes from the ground up.

As you continue to meander behind the scenes of one of our builds, we hope you see our team using their skills to make the best of every project. Until the project is done, we are on site every day, ensuring that home to be delivered will be cherished day after day by you and your family.

We take this approach because we are well aware that when you love what you do, and take pride in it, it shows. That is the main reason that when you look through our gallery or check out our job sites, it is easy to see how much we love bringing peoples’ dream homes to life.

Here are a few other reasons why we do what we do:

  • We love meeting our clients and getting a feel for who they are
  • We enjoy the process of infusing their personalities into every decision throughout the build process
  • We feel that the experience of finding out what our clients truly want in their homes provides us with invaluable information on future builds
  • We love infusing our homes with tranquil elements of nature
  • We love watching a beautiful piece of art become a home that families can grow in together

Before we can even begin the build, we learn all about what home means to you so that we can take action behind the scenes and build your wishes directly into the walls of the home. If you were to witness Tuscany Homes working, you would see us taking a blueprint of what you want and transforming it in the way we do best. Through building and through intrinsic design.

Watching us move throughout the job site, you will clearly see us taking to heart what it means to take pride in workmanship and beauty.

We hope that a perusal of our behind the scenes work would open your eyes to what your dream home could be. Our amazing team of home builders in Ridgefield WA is ready to take on your project and make you wonder what life was like before you could come home to your luxury dream home infused with every part of nature that speaks to your soul.

Contact us today! We are certain you will be happy you did!