Behind the Scenes at Tuscany Homes Luxury Home Builder

Tuscany Homes | Luxury Custom Home Builder Ridgefield WACome take a walk with me around the site of a future masterpiece. The masterpiece we’re visiting? The home you’ve always imagined for your family. The familiar sights, smells and sounds of a construction zone are all around, the unmistakable smell of fresh-cut timber, and the rhythmic authority of a pounding hammer are all part and parcel of a home build- what makes Tuscany Homes build sites uniquely different is our close attention to detail, our use of undeniably high-quality materials, and our well-organized staff and work site.

All around a Tuscany Homes construction site, you will find details being tended to, no detail is too small when you are working with Ridgefield Washington’s premier custom home builder.

Our attention to detail is unparalleled from start to finish. Our builders understand how to make a space comfortable, livable and uniquely you. They know the time and attention needed for each phase of construction and pour passion and detail into every masterpiece home. Tuscany Homes will tend to each detail of your home with such care, you might think they are building their own! 

Hand selected materials of the highest quality are what you can expect when Tuscany Homes is at the helm of your project. As we take a turn around the site of your new home we listen to your deepest desires and your wildest dreams, then put our team to work to find the materials to make your dream a reality.

Because custom is our tradition we take deep pride in finding custom, high-quality materials to make your new home uncommonly beautiful. Please take some time to peruse our photo gallery for inspiration.

Having an organized construction site doesn’t always seem glamorous, but it is a cornerstone of Tuscany Homes’ custom home projects. We take pride in a well-organized work site and staff. The emphasis we place on organization keeps our projects running clean and efficiently.

When our team runs like a well-oiled machine, your home build becomes a breeze. You took time to select the perfect location for your custom home, we honor that time by making sure our construction is as clean and organized as possible.  When you visit your home while it is in progress, you’ll see the difference Tuscany Homes brings to every project from start to finish. You won’t be disappointed.

Looking behind the scenes of construction can be daunting, there are many working, always-moving parts. What you’ll see when you look behind the scenes of a Tuscany Homes build, is all those working, moving parts harmonizing together. When you look behind the curtain of a Tuscany Homes build, you will get a peek as to exactly why Tuscany Homes is the go-to luxury home builder in Ridgefield WA. Our concentrated focus on details, incredibly high standard for materials and our well-organized team are all just part of the blueprint on a custom built Tuscany Homes home.

Check out what other people are saying about Tuscany Homes! From concept to keys we will exceed all your expectations.

Welcome home.