Ways to Power Your Home

There are so many ways to use technology to update your home. You can now program handheld remotes that have the task of controlling the TV, garage doors, lights, temperature, sound system, and alarm system. Almost every appliance can be made to have some sort of “smart” technology to make life easier. These advances are making living so much easier, but have you ever heard of a battery that could run your home? The company Tesla is unveiling a host of new energy products, and the one getting the most attention is a wall-mounted battery for consumer’s homes. bulb-40701_640

This rechargeable lithium-ion battery has already received the nickname  “powerwall”, suggesting that it will be connected to local power. It will have a price tag ranging from $3,000 for the 7kWh to $3,500 for the 10kWh. These batteries are turned on during the day to carry out the task of powering the electricity within the home and power up over night. Even though there is a hefty price tag on these batteries, many utility companies are expected to offer rebates, and over time it is expected to save you on your utility costs at an estimated rate of 25%. Coupled with solar energy, there is a hope that eventually there would be a movement away from fossil fuels, reducing the carbon footprint of every home owner.  To read more about this battery, click here!

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